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I have been using Amazon's Kindle Unlimited feature to get a copy of Daniel Kehoe's "Learn Ruby on Rails." The tutorial itself is great, and I recommend it as a great base BEFORE starting on Michael Hartl's Ruby on Rails Tutorial. (That's another project that I'd like to complete). Kehoe's Learn Rails tutorial is not only great, but it introduced me to the RailsApps project. This project is hosted at Github, and contains articles, tutorials, and starter apps. Let's take at these resources one by one. The articles are great resources. In particular, I have used the "Install Ruby on Rails 4.2 - Ubuntu Linux" tutorial as my go-to source for installing Rails. There are many other articles, with great, in-depth content at RailsApps homepage. Secondly, the tutorials. It seem like the tutorials are available only to subscribers of RailsApps. Again, I couldn't find a free (legitimate) version of "Learn Ruby on Rails". I am happy to pay for it, after having gone through about 20% of the tutorial. For now, though, I'll take advantage of Amazon's 30-day free trial of Kindle Unlimited. Finally, the starter-apps. The starter-apps are open source Rails applications. You can clone these to your own machine, instead of having to set up a new Rails project from scratch. This is great for professionals, but for those of us that are trying to learn Rails, the best part of this is that the apps provide a battery of example applications that we can code to learn about different aspects of Rails. (That is, don't clone the repos! Go through the tutorial). Unfortunately, although there is an explanation of how everything works on the repo, I think that there are full-blown tutorials, just like "Learn Ruby on Rails", for each app. These would only be available to subscribers. As soon as I am done with this first tutorial, I'll check out the rest!

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