Learning Rails

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I am determined to become proficient on Ruby on Rails. This blog is the result of the Rails Project as suggested by The Odin Project tutorial. Since I had to create this application, I figured I might as well use it to log my progress. This project taught me a lot, but I still feel that, in the end, I was just copying and pasting code while hardly understanding what the code is actually doing. In order to gain a deeper understanding of Rails, I am going to take advantage of the following resources: 1 - Learn Ruby on Rails by Daniel Kehoe 2 - Ruby on Rails Tutorial by Michael Hartl 3 - The Rails App Project's Examples 4 - One Month Rails by Mattan Griffel 5 - Guides on RubyOnRails.org Hopefully, as I go through each of those resources, I will be able to expand my knowledge of Ruby on Rails and become proficient in the framework.

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